Company OF Nomads creates change through community-driven initiatives. We create experiential places focused on incubating small businesses, self-transformation, and being accountable to the environment and our neighbors.
What we do

Our Story

The Company OF Nomads is a talent and entrepreneurial incubator.
As market trend setters that engage, excite, and empower —we lead diverse, large-scale projects that nourish innovation. Grown from a fertile foundation of ideas that promote connectivity, strength, and wellbeing, we exist to help communities thrive.

Launched in 2017, Company OF Nomads combines enthusiastic disruption and a globally-minded consciousness to drive opportunity and stimulate local communities.
How we work

Regenerative Development

Regenerative development is an approach to urban planning and community development that goes beyond traditional concepts of sustainability and aims to create places that actively contribute to the restoration and regeneration of the natural environment and social well-being.

Overall, regenerative placemaking is a forward-looking and innovative approach to urban planning and development that seeks to create places that actively contribute to the well-being of people and the planet while fostering a strong sense of community and identity.


Nomads Hospitality is a small business incubator leveling the playing field for small restaurants and bars.  With an extensive database and intimate understanding of small business, Nomads Hospitality is a valuable asset as we look to expand our development projects.  


Using modular container like structures Norcity developments are built in a factory and completely off the grid for minimized construction schedules where art, culture and technology collides.  Modular, sustainable materials, off site manufacturing and off the grid technologies are changing the build tech sector.  


Combining local economic drivers with thoughtful development that respects nature and the history of rural towns and cities, we plan to expand heavily into this market.  
Selected Work


Current projects in various stages of regenerative development:

X Change Social Club

X Change Social Club
The Cotton Exchange building is one of the most storied historic buildings in Houston. Our plan is to bring it to its former use as the epicenter of the movers and shakers in Houston as an Innovation Social Club.

Bhutane Hotel

Bhutane Hotel
Bhutane Hotel is Houston’s first Biohacking Hotel with unmatched health and wellness amenities catering to the Jet Set crowd and world travelers visiting Houston.